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CEO, Hang-Cheol Shin, PhD

CEO Hang-Cheol Shin, PhD has been working in the field of biomedicinal R&D for more than 30 years since his PhD at the University of Sydney, followed by a postdoctoral study at The Scripps Research Institute. He started working as a protein engineering group leader at the Hanhyo Institute of Technology in 1991 and successfully pioneered biobetter engineering through the development of engineered human recombinant proteins such as TNF-α and insulin.
In 2000, he joined Soongsil University as a professor and has continued his career as a professor over 20 years during which he demonstrated his academic excellence through numerous research articles, presentations, and patents on protein structure and engineering fields. He is acknowledged as one of the pioneers in Korea for protein engineering of biomedicine.
In 2011, he founded PnP Biopharm. In his years at PnP Biopharm, he successfully developed human growth factors with improved stability and activity. PnP Biopharm became a major provider of growth factors to domestic and global business partners as essential cosmeceutical ingredients, which was mostly due to his ceaseless effort on business development and partnering with various companies. He is currently expanding the capability of PnP Biopharm to growth factor-based medicines, nanobody development for anticancer therapeutics and diagnostics, and culture media for stem cells and exosome production as well.

CTO, Dae Young Kim, PhD

CTO Dae Young Kim, started his professional carrier at National Research Council Canada (NRC) as a research associate and a senior researcher later since his PhD at McGill university in 2007. In years at NRC, he worked on phage display technology to study human single-domain antibodies focusing on their stability and developability, and his research was yielded with numerous publications and patents. In 2014, he joined Osong KBIO as a principal researcher and a team leader of an antibody discovery team of New drug development center in there, and became a director of a new drug development division in 2018.
Over. the years at KBIO, he conducted a number of antibody discovery and development projects as a principal investigator and successfully transferred some patents on therapeutic antibodies regarding Corona-19 virus and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer's disease to two Korean biotech companies.
He joined PnP Biopharm as a CTO and a director of R&D in 2021 when Dr. Shin was inaugurated as the CEO of PnP Biopharm. Since his joining, he continues working on antibody engineering and is currently trying hard to expand the capability of PnP Biopharm from cosmeceuticals to biomedicines and antibody therapeutics. His expertise and experiences on antibody discovery and development comprise a part of the PnP Biopharm's core technologies.